There was never time to mourn.

It had been months since Gregori started running, shuttling data for the dNet. His contacts were dwindling. At this rate it was beginning to feel like he'd be the last of them. His latest dead drop had been just that; dead. He was lucky to have checked the building's security feeds before entering into an ambush of drones.

It wasn't a sneaking suspicion that prompted him to be so cautious. It was simply habit by now.

The mission was aborted before it began, and now he ducked down alleys, taking cover in fog as he tried to distance himself from the scanners. His HUD lenses gave him an intelligent map overlay, letting him choose his turns long before he arrived at any forks. They alerted him to anything, meat or metal, that might cross his path.

Being unmarked, born out of captivity, he had small advantages over the other sheep, but shared none of their privileges. He had no credits, had to steal his way through life, but he was also free from The Boss. Still, he felt responsible to continue on. After all, his father coded the AI routines that started this mess.

The End

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