The Beginning

It was then that I smiled. It took all the effort, courage, optimism, and perhaps insanity I could muster, for I was never one for mocking the leering face of adversity, yet here I was.

But, as in all things in life, it had to come from somewhere, something. In my case, the burdensome souvenirs of lessons I had gathered along the arduous path marked My Life. But it probably wasn’t until that moment that I came to realize the title for what it was. For years it was merely Karibo’s Station--it was an assignment with little opportunity for creativity. You see, I’m part of Chief Laybaakar’s house where everything is an assignment--everything but smiling.

So, where exactly did this rocky path start? The thought hadn’t crossed my mind in years, yet, as I reflected on it now it occurred to me that there was nothing that stood so stark in the twisted and baffling world of my memory than the beginning.

The End

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