Fear of Rejection

She smiled anxiously, looking this way and that.

'I hope no one notices.' She thought frantically. As another of her guests arrived, she put on a fake smile, leading them to the living room. Where was he? He had said that he would be able to make it. He was the only one she actually wanted to come, but her fear of rejection led her to invite everyone she knew.

That, of course, resulted in  a crowded living room, a noisy atmosphere, and, there was still no sign of him. She glanced at her guests, and sighed.

She should've called him. But she kept imagining the worst case scenario, that he would answer, and couldn't form a single coherent word. She took a deep breath.

'You can do this.' she thought, quickly dialing the numbers she had undoubtly memorized by heart.


"Hi Matt, I was wondering where you were because the party started, and you're not here yet, and-"

"Didn't it start five minutes ago?" She hastily looked at her watch. Indeed it had.

"Oh." She said embarassed.

"I'll be there soon." he assured, and hung up.

"When's the party starting?" asked a guest.

"Soon....Very soon." She said smiling.

The End

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