To say the following is a story is straightforward enough, but it isn't so easy to say what this story is about. Some will tell you it's the story of an abused woman, others an exemplary tale of how changing social dynamics put men in an unfair position in society. Still others will tell you it's the story of five children whose lives were turned upside down.

Some, the story of a church which was forced from its complacency by experiencing things it did not want to. Others a tale of how corruption has pervaded suburbia, and others of how that corruption has always been.

Some, the story of how a family broke, but others the story of how the glue and tape used to keep a family "together" finally failed completely. Some would claim the story's worth is because it is so atypical and others because it is the type of story that occurs around us in a hundred different ways everyday.

I suppose you will read this tale and come up with your own view of what it's really about. That's because the understanding of this story, like any story, is all about your perspective.

The End

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