Today Was A Good Day

Today I received an email.

It made me think. It even made me smile, after such a long time of letting my fringe cut across my vision, mirroring the way that their words would often obliterate my hopes daily.

It made me forget all the pain that the others had caused; forget their cruelty and those horrible words of the people who had been bullying me for the last ten years.

Like a breath of cool, fresh air, the words of a good friend seemed to have brought me out of my coma of pain.

The usual daily activity still went on, but there was a bright flair of hope on the horizon, the smoke had been cleared away and I could finally at least try to smell every rose along the path of life.

I noticed a spring in my step that day, as something felt different. It was something that I thought was an after-effect of the email, but then I learnt it was something far greater; it was as though my intuition had picked up on something from the outside world. Something that was about to change my life.

Because that was when I received the call.

The End

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