From Me to You

Dear You,

       Hello. I haven't talked to You in so long that I'd almost forgotten about You. But I know that You loved Me too much to forget Me, no matter how far I drifted away from You. I'm sorry that I drifted. It was not meant to be that way. I was just so caught up in My own Emotions and Sorrows that I had to let go of You for some time. I'm back now, though. And I'm sorry. But, no matter how many times that I betray You, no matter how bad the Betrayals, I know that I am always Forgiven. That, besides Loving Me, is the easiest thing for You to do. Forgive. You will always Forgive and You will always Love. Because that's what You were meant to do. I was also meant to Forgive and to Love. Regrettably, I tell you that I haven't been doing My Job so well. I want to Forgive, but it's such a hard thing to grasp when I'm all caught up, Entangled in those Emotions and Memories and past Regrets. I'm okay with Loving other People, but I forget to Love Myself, as You have told Me to do. Even when I do Love Myself, I Love Me in the wrongest way. I only Hope that I can make things right with You. Farewell for now.

                                                                                    With Love and Regret,

The End

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