Dear sir,

Do you notice me?

I'm the girl who lives in her little fantasy world. The girl who blends into the white-washed walls. The girl you never look at.

It's funny, how much I'm infatuated with thoughts of you. You've never shot me a second glance.

  You never really notice who you are. You never really think about looking deep inside. You never think about anything you've never thought of.

I wish you would just want me as much as I want you. I know we could be something extraordinary together. I just hope someday you'll wake up and realize you love me.

I only wanted to write you this letter, to tell you to rethink who you really are. You're someone different. Someone who can be a real gentleman. A charismatic personality in this world.                          

I hope I've made you realize this.

I love you.

Yours lovingly faithfully,

The Invisible Girl

The End

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