Dear Sister

Let me start by telling you that I love you. 

There's just a lot of poison floating around in my heart and I've got to get it out. I see such great potential in you; you're beautiful and smart and I know you could achieve great things. It breaks my  heart because you're completely wasting everything God has given you. You drown it in alcohol, smoke it out with weed, smother it with these disgusting men who don't deserve your breath let alone your body and your heart. The person you pretend to be is a person I would never want to know. You've said things to me I wouldn't say to my enemies, you've hurt me on purpose and you've pushed me to the point of anger I've never known before. You've told me you hate me on more than one occasion but I'll never be able to say it to you because as much as you infuriate me, you're my sister. I know you do these things out of a place of inner pain and self-consciousness. 

I just wished you loved yourself as much as I love you. 

The End

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