Dear friend


Everyone around us knows that we are best friends; have always been, will always be. Yet sometimes I wonder if we really suit each other as well as we thought. You are fun to be with, but often, I feel choked by your presence. Whenever I'm around you, I feel as if I'm worthless; a piece of junk just drifting along with no purpose, no direction whatsoever.  This is not because you say so, or because you even indicate anything of that sort, but because I am jealous of you. And I know that very well.

You are a mega-brain, amazing at academics. Not only that, but you are also good at sports, you have good social and oratory skills; you excel at everything you try. Wherever you go, everyone likes you; teachers and students alike. Of course, people tell me that I am talented too, but these words sound hollow and empty to me, when you are standing right next to me winning an umpteen number of prizes, achieving new things everyday, while I am still struggling. Struggling to overcome your shadow.

I am not blaming you for anything; the fault is within me, within my thinking,my insecurity. I might keep complaining every second about you, but really, you make me keep trying harder to be better, aim higher. A mother bird pushes her young ones hard, almost bullying them, when they learn to fly. Yet this is for their own good, to help them to open their wings one day and soar to the heavens on their own. Yet, I implore you; let me take the limelight, just once. Let me taste fame like you do- all the time. Let me win at least one battle, and we will go back to being best friends. Forever.



The End

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