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A heist goes wrong and suddenly the universe seems a lot more open.

The shimmer of New Orleans lights was only truely visable from the air.  The glistening city that seemed as though its last hurricane had not destroyed so much.  The city was under the gaze of a Security Chief Chey.  As he stood in the bay of the companies personal cargo plane.  The cargo today however, was ten drop troops.  The companies special task force.  Why would a civillian industry need a army?  Because in this day and age, the worlds industries are at a private war.  Theivery, assasinations, even blowing up the other guys HQ.  This war is one of cowards.  The CEOs are generals, and no one is truely "innocent".
Chey finally turned around at his name.

"Sir!  Speed-corp headquarters is dead ahead."  A guard said.

"Mmm, good.  Prepare the security staff."

"Aye sir."

He hollered to the rest of the men and women to prepare for a launch.  Chey walked to a young man on the planes onboard terminal.

"Well Oss.  Are they ready?"  Chey said.

"Sir.  All are primed with high explosive missles.  However I must warn you that it is possible the building may not be able to structurely stand once you attack.  And the defensive countermeasures might take effect shutting off any entry or exit points."  Oss replied.

"The odds?"

"In our favor heavily sir.  Most likely the building will stay up as long as no more explotions go off.  But how you will enter the building sir is a mystery."

"We have a spy.  He will leave a open window in the security for the sky-light on the top floor.  We will break through the glass area that has no armor below it."  Chey said confidently.
"And before I forget.  The power readings.  Are they still holding."

"Sir, if anything they have strenghthened.  The scanners may be prototypes but they can detect when this much radioactive radiation is spewing out."  Oss said.

"Thats unusual,  I wonder what there hiding.  Anyway.  Nows a good time.  Let em have hell!"

"Aye sir!"

Below at the street below the Speed-Corp building, a group of Deathreaper combat bots stood up and launched a barrage of missles in a split second time.  No aiming required.  The missles slammed into the building sending shrapmetal across the block.  People evacuated.  This way, no civillian casualities would be caused.  However inside the building.  At least three men were killed and twenty more were disoriented and would take them many minutes to fully coordinate.  Back in the plane, Chey smirked.  Those bastards deserved every bit of punishment.  These security guards all had gone and collected "tax" money from people who had quit the buisness and wanted out.  They were free.  For a price.  And if they desided to tell authorities or skip on some cash.  The men would come and brutaly murder them.
Chey ran back to the hold.  Everyone was in suit.  Dark blue armor.  Each had a helmet and a visor that could be toned from see through to blacked out.  He looked at there faces.  Some might not be so full of color when they are through.

"Alright.  Mr.Alhibia wants to know what the hell they are building in this place.  Its giving off friggen huge power readings.  We are going to drop and find out whats in there."

There was a series of nods and sighs of comprehension.  That was good enough for Chey.  The cargo bay doors folded to the sides.  Everyone released there harnesses and stared down at the thousands of feet below.  All waiting for one word.


They streamed out.  Some just jumping and others doing impressive flips.  Chey went last.  Enjoying the sights.  The HUD came up and displayed everything.  Then he followed the others and spun out the back.  He loved the feel of falling.  It was free and fast.  His anti gravity pack suddenly switched on and blasted out turquoise light across the sky.  He felt himself quickly slowing.  His impact with the roof caused some small cracks on the concrete but he felt only a small bit of resistance on his feet.  It was a feeling of the power.  The group unlatched there pulse rifles and checked to make sure that they had ammo.  Chey went to the skylight and saw the single beam of light from the only un armored glass area.  He walked over the glass nearly shattering it under the immence preasure of the armor.  The rest slowly tried to cross the skylight.  Some broke through it making quiet shattering sounds.  Chey kicked out the window which fell 7 stories before landing on a statue of the CEO.  Chey went first and dropped in activating his anti grav and fell down to the 5th story.  The rest followed one by one.  Several landed badly and left the floor tiles in a fine powder.  They said they were fine but Chey let them rest a moment.  A couple kept lookout while everyone looked for a way to get to the point on sub-level 2 where the readings were coming from.  One of the ones guarding saw another security personel and pulled him out and left him unconsious after a swift strike to the back.

"Phill!  Carefull.  The more we waste the higher the chance that they will realize we are here."  Chey whined as the guard hid the body.
"Wait.  You did check to see if he had a life moniter right?"

"Yeah.  Im not that dumb.  It might have registered unconsious for a moment but a placed a hack chip.  He is now at standard vitals."

Chey sighed in relief.

"Alright.  I think we should probably use the elevator shaft.  Now it only goes to the first level below ground.  So we will have to fight our way through to the staircase.  The echo location is scetchy but we can tell that at the end of that staircase there is one big room.   We go now."

They quickly geared up and went to the elevator doors.  Chey blasted it with a few shots and kicked it in.  The shaft was a long drop.  It would be easy though with the anti-grav.  Once more.  They charged there antigrav packs and jumped.  The way down was tedious.  You didnt know if the elevator would come up then and smack you.  But as it turned out when they all assembled at the bottom, the elevator was hanging by a thread at the top of the building.  They had met little resistance thanks to the fact that the guards were busy with the flaming debris outside.  But in the next room was a small group of armed guards.  They would be a challange because all had small mecha bodies, each with a big chain gun.  Chey said that a small group should go in to minimize any fire taken.  Some complaints but not enough to change the plan.  The squad was 4 of the better security personel.  Chey led and they posed in front of the door.  They saw trough the top window the position of everyone.  So they knew where to shoot.
Chey held his breath.  It seemed so slow.  As if time chose that moment to temporarily freeze.  He backed up and charged.  Counting every step as he felt his shoulder smash through the glass and wood.  It was almost comical as one of the mecha suited men slipped and fell, dropping his gun.  Chey through up his gun as time began to feel more regular.  Blue pulse shots and red hot flaming rounds flew at the people.  Blast marks covered the room in ten seconds.  One of the enemies heads caved in after a pulse blast hit him in the face.  Chey felt bullets rattle the armor on his shins.  He dived behind a office table and waited for a oppertunity to blow off the mans unarmored left arm joint.  The other 3 were hiding behind a large trash bin and behind some collums that jetted out of the ground holding the cealing in place.  They traded fire with the mecha guards.  The guards must have known that if they damged them, some of the ceiling might cave in because they were aiming not random shooting.  Chey's cover was slowly begining to deteriorate.  He took a chance and peaked to the side and fired.  He hit the guards neecap which caused the armor to break off.  He ducked back then appeared on the other side firing again at the same place with a full auto blast into the same place and causing the leg to break down.  The guard fell over and knocked himself unconsoious on a filling cabnet.  Chey ten stood up and took out another with a headshot.  He stayed up and ran taking down another one with repeated chest hits.  The other 3 got out and dealt with the rest by headshots and destroying limbs.  After everyone was dead or unconsious, Chey gave the all clear for moving on to the staircase. And then to whatever is below.  There was a smash and several men burst out with sub machineguns, from the back of the room.  They must have hid there during the battle.  Phill and anothers armor was compromised before they had dealt with the threat.   The two men were bleeding, one of the sqaud administered painkillers and Spec-Regen.  It slowly dried the blood and stopped it from guching out.  They got up and said they were fine and could make it.  Chey wasn't sure but allowed them.  They breached the staircase door and ran down.  Chey stopped them and went on to look at what was ahead.  He darted over to a wall and looked into the room.  It was massive!  Filled with men in white lab coats and hundreds of computers and AIs.  Everyone was running around.  He could hear talking.  Something in the middle.  Two men in buisness suits were looking at a large metal rectangle.  They stood motionless staring at it.  A scientist was yelling at them.

"Please!  There is an emergancy and we must abort launch!  Its too risky.  It might cause the building to collapse."  The whitecoat pleaded.

"No.  You will activate it now."  One of the buisnessmen said.

The whitecoat tried pleading some more but he was told to get back to work or be shot as a traitor.  The man was sweating as he went over to a large control panel.

"Ahem.  Test Phase 1!  BEGIN!"  He yelled throwing a switch.

There was a burst of blinding colorful light and Chey felt as though his eyes were on fire.  The pain stopped about a minute later.  He shook his head and looked up to see what had happend.
Cheys eyes were opened at that moment.  To a realm beyond our own.  He saw beauty and terror in one!  It looked light something that only a divine being could make.


The retangle was now flowing with colors and shapes.  If was as if something in there was trying to pull you in with a lure that no living man could resist.  Cheys squad rushed down behind him.  They looked up and saw what he saw.  And they froze .  All of them.
Chey and the others suddenly fell forward.  They were grabbed by the energy of the thing.  There bodies became nothing but light and dark.  Life had no meaning as they fought the power that they faced.  A loud creek Suddenly broke everyone form there trance.  The building suddenly bgan to slide.  They activated there antigrav but they still fell.  The rectangle seemed infinatly larger as they got closer.  The buisness man was smiling.  And screaming.  He then leaned forward and fell into the gate.  He left a imprint of his essance on the colors.  And soon, Chey"s squad would too.  They fell slower.  But slow seemed faster.  And chey found himself on the front of the rectangle.  And he allowed himself to be taken.  He ever so slowly fell in.  His skin tingled with what felt like electric sparks.  The light took him. 

Chey awoke.  He saw a redish sky.  And dark clouds like no other.  He felt good.  Not in great trauma or pain.  Just plain good.  He realized then something was very,very wrong.  He was in a field of black grass.  He saw two moons above him.  Then he saw one of the squad.  He bent down and checked for a pulse.  Still there.  He looked back up at the sky and just cried.



(The rest of the squad is on the planet nerbye.  You can be a member of the security team or make your own way you were thrown into the portal to this world.)


The End

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