Only Human? IIMature

Of course, the ice-cream business wasn’t the only thing that put me in a bad mood; I thought it’d cheer me up, not the other way round.

Life seemed so dull. Every day just passed by with the world like scenery. I felt detached to all the faces that seemed to smile twenty-four/seven. How could they be so happy? What was so amusing about their lives that mine wasn’t?

I sighed deeply, if only something would happen. Something that made me feel myself again, not this lonely person under the duvet. Something exciting.

Those days when everything seemed to go wrong seemed to be every day for me now. Depressing I guess.

Grinning, I remembered that article my PSHE teacher showed us. A doctor was thinking about giving a 4 year old girl anti-depressants. It just shows how anyone can be stressed, whatever the age.

A fly whizzed around my room, creating more annoyance.

“Ignore it,” I said out loud. I sighed again, and then recalled someone saying about years taken off your life if you sighed too much. Who cares? I could die if I jumped out of the window at this moment. Maybe I could take the fly with me as well. Seeming to read my mind, the fly decided to finally go away. I sighed with relief. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I fell into a dull sleep with blurry dreams.

The End

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