One-syllable story

Trying to get back into the hang of writing, I dug around the web for some creative writing exercises and this one really caught my interest; "Create a story using words of one-syllable only" so I thought I'd give it a go. Obviously it's going to be very limited in terms of vocabulary.
This is the first real story I've written in months, so expect it to be a little rusty.

When I first got back to town things had changed a lot.
For a start, the old book store by my old high school had been knocked down to build a fast food joint in its place. I could not tell you how many hours I'd spent in that book store as a teen, stacks on stacks of books I would later come to see I had not the time to read, but still I had looked for more books to add to the pile.
The next thing I saw was that all of my friends from back in the day had long since left town. I mean, I can't have thought they would have stayed after all these years but to see the sheer lack of faces I knew felt as though I were in a dream.
This was made up for at the wake, though. All the folks I'd not seen or thought of for years were there at Jane's mum's house at the top end of town. But they were not the same folks I had known as a boy. It might have been the terms that we were brought here under or the many years that had gone by but in some way they had all changed.
The one face I longed to see, though, was Jane's. My dad had thrown me out of his house the day I finished high school. He had left my bed bound mum at home alone to see me finish [graduate]. There, she was not able to take her pills and died while we were out. My dad blamed me.
Jane had taken me in and helped get me back on my feet. She and her mum and dad had been there and cared for me, gave me a bed and a home and helped me when my dad had not. And for that I thanked them.
The news of the freak car crash in which Jane's car had crashed head on with a freight truck, felt less real when it came to me than when my dad walked up to me and asked me how I was, which broke my train of thought and brought me back to the wake. I stared at him for a while, unable to speak. I had not the right words to say. I had not any words to say.

The End

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