The first thing I notice when I come to is that I'm on dry land. There were no islands near where the boat sank and no waves to carry me and the wreckage here. I'm trapped under part of the yacht. I push against the wood and it slides off my legs. I have a few small cuts, but the main thing I'm worried about is that my one-of-a-kind Tiffany bathing suit is ruined. Oil from the ship is all over the sparkly blue suit. I stand up and look around. The rest of the crew is gone. I guess they weren't as lucky. My head hurts, bad. I put my hand against my head when I hear someone else.

"Ohmygod, you're Gwen Oceana!"

I groan. "Ya." I walk towards the person that called my name. "Okay, whoever-you-are, I really need to get off this island, okay? I have a fashion show to go to at seven tonight and I can't miss it."

The girl looks at me like I'm crazy. "My name's Mallori, and you're in the Bermuda Triangle."

I look at her. "Ya, I know. And now get me out of this shape so I can go back home!"

The End

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