"Urrgh, my head," I mumble, sitting up slowly. Then I remember somethign that snaps me straight out of my groggy state.

Ohmygod. The plane crashed. Into a whirlpool. In the Bermuda triangle.

Shouldn't I be dead?

I'm obviously not so I get up and survey the wreckage.

It's exactly that - a wreckage. I can't see anyone else but I can see the smoking hunk of white metal that must have been the plane. Oddly, it's on dry ground. We crashed into the sea. Land. Sea. Dry. Wet.


I see the remains of a boat - some big ferry or cruise whatchamacallit thing. I can see one person moving near it. I walk towards her to see who she is and then jump as I see her face.

"Ohmygod! You're Gwen Oceana!"

The End

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