"Anna-Marie, what are you doing?" one of the most friendly of the submarine crew asked me, looking over at the papers spread across my desk. I pushed my glasses bakc up my nose and looked up at him.

"Writing down all the different types of fish I see" I said.

"Why?" he laughed.

"So I can tell my friends that there is more to the world than pet goldfish" I told him. He smiled.

"Did you ever consider that the only fish your friends know about are goldfish and dolphins?"

"Dolphins are mammals"

"Which is the precise reason I gave you the nickname of Kelsi"

"You call me Kelsi because dolphins are mammals" I raised an eyebrow.

"No, Kelsi. No offence, but it's because you are, in fact, a nerd and Anna-Marie proves it"

"Anna-Marie is not a nerdy name" I said, plaiting my hair and brushing my fringe out of my face. I looked out of the small circular window. There was a tube of swirling water not twenty metres away from us.

"Yes it is. It's almost as bad as me calling you Miss Jones. Hey! What are you doin!?" he exclaimed as I pushed all the paper onto the floor and emtied my bag onto the table.

"Shh!" I spread out the sheets, graphs and pictures until I found the one I wanted. A perfect match. "Go tell the rest of the crew we're next to a whirlpool!" I yelled.But it was too late, we were already being sucked into it.

The End

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