I closed my eyes and smiled, enjoying the feel of warm ocean spray on my face. There certainly was nothing like taking your dad's yacht for the day just to get away. The warm sun beat down against my skin. I didn't need to open my eyes to know that the small crew my dad assigned to me was staring at me, bug-eyed and slack-jawed.

I reached down beside the chair and grabbed a Vogue magazine. "If you keep your mouths open like that any longer, you're going to swallow a really big, tropical, poisonous bug."

One of the crew walked closer. "There are no poisonous bugs on the ocean, Miss Oceana."

I flipped a page in my magazine. "One can only hope there would be." I looked up at him and lowered my sunglasses. "Go. Back. To. Work. Now."

He saluted and ran away. Suddenly, the boat shifted. My chaise lounge chair skittered across the deck. The boat groaned. I got to my feet to find the boat listing. Water lapped hungrily at the boat, pulling it closer.

"Help!" That was all I had time to call before the boat flipped over into the swirling ocean waters.

The End

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