The film finished and I woke up with a start, the sudden silence acting like an alrarm. I blinked, rubbed my eyes and pulled my headphones down so they were round my neck. I looked around and stretched my sleep stiff fingers. I saw the abandoned sudoku and the galaxy I'd bought ten minutes after the plane had set off. There were two squares left. I could have sworn there'd been three.

I looked out of the window at the white puffy cloud land, which promtply disappeared as we went below cloud level. I watched the sea, a roiling mass of green-grey.

The speaker system crackled into life. "We are now entering the Bermuda tri-"

Suddenly the voice was cut off and all the lights went out. A power cut? On a plane?

"What's happening?" I heard someone ask. I looked out of the window at the sea which had transformed into a giant whirlpool.

Then the plane lurched violently and plunged into the sea below.

The End

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