Eden and KatelynMature

This is a collection of one shots. It's just really going to be a place where I can share my writing practice. I don't really expect any characters or storylines to be reoccurring but we'll see what happens.

The wind was messing up Katelyn’s hair. Every curl that she had worked so hard to make look effortless and beautiful was coming undone, as the air rushed into the car from all sides. She didn’t care though. It felt good to have the warm breeze rushing through her light brown locks, no matter how much time was wasted on doing it earlier this evening. It felt almost as good as the sunlight that was bathing her olive skin. She had missed the sun after all these dreary days of rain and clouds. She had missed the look of the horizon shifting from the gold tones of an early sunset to the more rainbow-like effect the sky took as the sun sank deeper and deeper to the ground until it finally disappeared. She had missed beautiful days like this, riding in the car, with silly love songs playing on the radio, and her most valued treasure by her side. Her beautiful boyfriend, Eden.
He truly was the greatest find of her lifetime. He was her best friend and lover. They spent so many days fighting the reality of their situation. Days where he denied his feelings for her, days when she tried to move on, days when they couldn’t quite fit each other into their lives; it was a struggle that had been emotionally and physically exhausting. Today, Katelyn couldn’t see why it took so long to bring them here. She and Eden finally left all the what-ifs and can’t-risk-its behind, and they jumped, and found that they never wanted to be apart from each other. She almost felt like the weeks of confusion and heart ache were worth it all. In the end, her happiness overshadowed all the pain. She came out on top, with a guy who was gorgeous inside and out. He was so patient with her, taking time to understand her thoughts and dreams. There was never someone who was so accepting of her raw personality as Eden. He made her feel like every word she spoke was the most important thing in the world, which made no sense, because to Kate, it seemed like Eden had a better understanding of the world than she did. Being with him, hearing his voice, feeling his arms wrapped around her, seeing his beautiful face smiling down on her made her entire life worthwhile. Katelyn was sure that she could spend the rest of her life beside him.
She turned her head then to take in that gorgeous face again. He was smiling her favorite smile. It was the kind that made his green eyes crinkle at the edges. She longed to see the day when those crinkles would stay there, rather than fade away. His hair was a glorious golden color, with the sunlight washing over it. She wondered whether their children would inherit Eden’s blond hair, or her brown. His voice rang out then, sending a shock of happiness up her spine. She hadn’t been able to tell what he said, but it made her glad to hear his voice. But the next word she heard very clear, as his head turned to look at her, and his smile softened and became a little somber, and his eyes were no longer crinkled, but very intense and focused on hers. They were still the vibrant green eyes she loved, and through his lips he said calmly, “Katelyn.” Her heart melted.
And her body was crushed, as the semi trunk collided with their car.

The End

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