Out of time...Mature

Lieutenant Cooper

"Eagle, this is Sierra. We have infiltrated the city and are 2 clicks from the supposed Device. Interrogative, what if we find the device?"

"This is Eagle, if the device is found secure the area for an EOD team to move in. Do not try to disarm the weapon yourself, how copy, over?"

"Roger, we copy, maintaining radio silence, out." Carrington gave me a worried look as we sat side by side just outside the city square. The Nuclear bomb was situated at the cities center, surrounded by a ring of guards. Each held a heavy machine gun and shot at anyone who even looked at them.

"COC's insane if they think the North Koreans will back down, especially with this trump card." he said laying down and peering through his scope. Silently I agreed but we had a mission to do and whining wasn't going to help. Lying to his left, I set my rifle's sights on the guards. 

"There's 12 of them. You get the six on the right, I'll get the left six." Without waiting for a response I began firing on the soldiers. All of them froze when one man's head exploded, after the second they all scattered for cover. One dove behind a fountain while others huddled behind nearby benches. Systematically I shot each one, not all were head shots but they would do enough damage to be a kill shot. 

"Clear." I shouted, Carrington reciprocated. "We need to move now and secure the bomb." As I jumped up, Carrington grabbed my shoulder.

"What if it's rigged with secondary explosives or traps?" My gaze shifted to the ground then back to Carrington. 

"I'll go first, then you can come and secure it if we're safe." Slinging my rifle over my shoulder, I jumped onto a rusted fire escape and slid down the ladder onto the filthy streets. Silence, in a city with over a million people...somethings up. 

"Lieutenant, I'm not scared, I just have a bad feeling." The staff sergeant spoke over the radio. We all have our day at one time or another kid, my thoughts shifted back to my previous spotter. Nothing left but boots and blood. Calmly, I walked towards the bomb. It was propped upon shipping pallets tied down by large metal cables. My bootsteps and the occasional rattle of my gear echoed into the stagnant air, I was only a few meters from the bomb. A touch screen was attached to the side and shone brightly in the early morning light. A rifle shot crackled like thunder, the bullet struck hard, tearing through my shoulder and burying itself in the pavement. 

"Cooper!" Carrington screamed over the radio. The shock of the bullet passing through me knocked me to my knees. 

"Stay where you are and take the bastard out, he's somewhere between my 2 and 4 o'clock." Blood oozed out onto the pavement, steam lightly wavering into the sky. Been a long time since I was shot, I winced as a small chuckle escaped my lips. Standing, I realized that my right arm was useless. EOD will be here soon, I reassured myself, they'll get me to a hospital and all will be- Another rifle shot zipped through the air, it was friendly. 

"Got him! LT, I'm coming to you. Stay where you are." His voice shifted in pitch as his anxiety increased. I'm not going anywhere, I slid to the ground leaning against the Nuke. My eyes stared skyward, had the sky always been that blue before? Carrington's thundering footsteps  grew louder as he hurried to my side. 

"Cooper? Cooper!" he shouted, pulling out a med-kit and pressing a bandage into my heavily bleeding shoulder. I snarled at the pain but pressed against the bandage, freeing the staff sergeant's hands.

"I'll be fine kid, just disarm that bomb." 

"But the General said-"

"Fuck the General, he's not here. Just disarm that thing, I'll get EOD over the Radio." Carrington nodded and began tapping on the screen furiously. "Eagle, this is Sierra, we have a man down and need immediate evacuation. Where's EOD? Over."

"Eagle here, hold out just a bit longer Sierra. EOD has a corpsmen with them. Their ETA is ten minutes. How Copy? Over." Weakly, I looked to Carrington trying his best to stop the weapon. Shouts and the rumble of trucks sounded in the distance. We're out of time...

"Not good enough, Sierra out!" With my one good arm, I pulled out my pistol. One last stand...I grinned, it was almost like a scene out of hollywood. AK-47 began barking in the distance, growing closer with every second. 

"Cooper, I'm not gonna have enough time!" I took a deep breath.

"At least we'll go out with a bang," I replied somberly. North Koreans flooded the square, guns pointed at us. The radio fizzled to life. 

"EOD's ETA 5 minutes." 

"Lieutenant, what do we do?" Carrinton asked, his voice was strained. Pulling back my pistols slide, I chambered a round. 

"We do what Marines are trained to do...Fight back." Just as I began to raise my weapon, a loud explosion and a wash of fire engulfed me. Peace at last...



A blonde British reporter pulled a loose strand from her perfect face as she began to read the news report as hand camera footage played. 

"The world is shocked today by footage of two United States Marine Scout Snipers defending an active nuclear device in the center square of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. According to all report the weapon was armed. As you can see North Korean soldiers stormed the square attempting to secure the device in the hopes that nuclear scientists could disarm the weapon. The footage shows one of the Marines attempting to detonate the device, while his partner lays bleeding next to him. As North Korean forces closed in the weapon detonated taking the lives of all the North Korean forces, the Marines, and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi's. This devastating terrorist attack has shocked world leaders and has brought into question the United States military motives in the middle east. The U.S, however, is pinning the bombing on the North Koreans saying that the Marines were sent in to disarm the weapon when it was remotely activated by the North Korean forces. More on this story at 11." 

The End

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