1st Lieutenant Cooper

I lazily walked over to Carrington's side, half expecting that he had found nothing of major interest. My eyes widened when I noticed his discovery was a laptop. Immediately, I pulled out the radio and called back to the home base.  

"Foxtrot Omega, Foxtrot Omega, this is Sierra we have recovered a laptop off of the H.V.T. Over." Static crackled over the radio as we waited. Finally a few moments later someone replied. 

"Sierra, this is Foxtrot Omega. Great work team. We have a black hawk headed towards your position. Also 1st Lieutenant, we just had a walk in Defector. Colonel Lewis wants you on the intell and interrogation team, how copy? Over." I looked to Carrington who just shrugged then keyed the radio back up. 

"Roger that, see you in a few. Sierra out." I let out a long whistle and stared into the desert, a defector this early? Something doesn't sound right. Carrington sat against a nearby truck and closed his eyes. We had been running on barley a few hours worth of sleep, not good especially for our job. I grabbed his pack and stashed the laptop inside, it didn't need to be damaged on the way back to base. I kept my weapon ready and scanned the surrounding area as Carrington slept, the helicopter couldn't be too-

A steady drum of rotors cut through the empty air, a black speck growing on the horizon. The blackhawk circled around and hovered, lowering to the ground. Carriongton and I hurried into the craft through a whirlwind of sand that the rotors were kicking up. As the craft soared back into the sky, I turned to the crew chief. 

"So what do you know about a defector?" I asked over the growling engine. The man looked to me, genuinely surprised. 

"I had no prior knowledge of a defector ma'am. We've been making constant trips into throughout this hell hole to do MEDEVAC's and transport ops. You two are our last stop till we get a break." I nodded and shut my eyes, a sudden wave of aching and tiredness filled me. I just wished that I could be at home, practicing on the range, screaming at rookies, and living in my own room. 

"Lieutenant?" I blinked and turned to the voice, it was Carrington. 

"You ok?" I nodded as the Helicopter began to touch down at the Ops base. Colonel Lewis was waiting on the edge of the landing pad. He hurried up to us. 

"Let's go you two, we need to get intell out of this defector." I handed him the laptop out of Carrinton's pack. 

"Sir, this laptop has their troop and weapon's strength along with deployment plans. I doubt there'd be anything he could tell you that isn't already on that computer. Lewis was stunned. 

"Just interrogate him anyways. You never know." Carrington and I headed for the tent the defector was being held in, while Lewis disappeared. I'll just dig right into his mind and fuck with him, shouldn't be more than 5 to 10 minutes till he tells everything. When we stepped into the tent, my jaw hit the floor. The defector was a female officer. 

The End

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