Have C4? What kind of question is that?Mature

SSgt. Carrington

"Well, of course I do.  I reckon some fireworks might brighten your disposition," said Carrington.

He proceeded to climb on top of the tank.  After looking at the armor before him, he decided that brute force was out of the question.  Moving to where he thought the ammunition would be stored, he placed four bricks of C4 in a small rectangle.  After inserting a blasting cap into each and connecting it to the receiver, he jumped down and started running, Cooper close behind.

About 100 yards away from the tank, they stopped and dropped prone.  Carrington pulled out the detonator and pressed the button.  His placement had been correct, and the C4 blasted into the magazine, detonating the ammunition and sending pieces flying in all directions.  A few seconds later, after the smoke cleared, all that remained was a burning hulk of steel.

"Woohoo!!!  I love the smell of freshly exploded ordinance!" shouted Carrington.

"Don't celebrate too soon, Sergeant.  We need to clean up that camp," replied Cooper.

"Buzzkill, Lieutenant, buzzkill," was Carrington's grumbled reply.

A quick sweep through the camp revealed nothing but a few mostly dead Koreans, who Carrington shot with his assault rifle.  Once they reached the remains of the convoy, Cooper checked the target for intelligence.

Carrington, meanwhile, noticed a laptop in the vehicle the target had been riding in.  He grabbed it, looking it over for damage.  It appeared to be intact.

"Hey Lieutenant, I might have something here."

The End

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