1st Lieutenant Cooper

"Alpha two three, this is Sierra one. We need support at grid...Romeo 50, Echo 29. Repeat,  Romeo 50 by Echo 29.This is Danger Close, over" There was a pause on the other end of the radio. Another 105mm shell landed nearby, tossing up sand and debris. 

"Roger Sierra one, Danger Close. Fire Support inbound." A light succession thumps sounded off in the distance, almost like a rolling thunder. I glanced up from my scope to see 5, 155 millimeter shells crash just short of the tanks and heavily armored trucks. 

"You're Short, Alpha two three. Adjust elevation" I responded, Carrington proceeded by racking off a few shots just to keep the enemy pinned down. Again the artillery sounded in the distance. Whistling from the sky the rounds struck right on target, taking out most of the armored vehicles and enemy's. Looking down my Barret's rifle, I watched as a single tank emerged from the smoke and fire. Don't they know when to quit? It's barrel adjusted and pointed directly at us. 

"Run," I shouted jumping up and pushing Carrington away. A sudden explosion threw me from my feet and tossed me down the side of the rocky hill we had hidden on. The world spun and the ground tore at my gear, flesh, and weapon. When I finally rolled to a stop, my body ached and blood poured from all over my body. I blinked a few times to reorient myself. As I sat up lighting pain crackled throughout my body, dropping my back into the sand. Where was Carrington? Did he survive or end up dead like ever other spotter? 

Rocks and Sand vibrated, the ground began to shake. Looking to my right I watched as angry tank treads dug into the ground. The enemy vehicle stopped just before it's treads crushed me. Something metallic clicked, they were getting out of the tank. Shouts of Korean came from around me as four enemy's surrounded me, guns drawn. It seemed as though they were arguing about me, whatever was being said couldn't be good. 

A shot shattered the air dropping on the the men, covering his friends in bits of brains and blood. The remaining three scrambled behind their tank for cover. I had to help Carrington. Crawling over to the dead body, I retrieved his rifle, my rifle had be destroyed by the fall. 

"Hey Ching Chong!" I shouted to one, pulling the trigger and peppering his body with lead. His corpse slumped over, leaving only two enemies. One of the North Korean's got bold, stood, and sprayed rounds everywhere in front of him. Another shot sounded followed by the thud of a body hitting the ground. The remaining  soldier scrambled atop the tank and jumped inside, locking it's compartment. Ironically he didn't appear to be able to fire the tank. My vision blurred as a tiny figure on the hill made it's way down to the ground and over to me. 

"You're really unlucky L.T." Carrington snickered, lifting me to my feet and supporting me. "What do you want to do about him?" I pondered all the options we had, finally concluding on one. 

"Well, we have to destroy any and all enemy armor including armed hostiles." Carrington nodded as I continued. "Got any C4?"

The End

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