Fire Support!!!Mature

SSgt. Carrington

After Cooper took the shot, everything went to hell.  Carrington continued calling out targets, mainly officers.  While they were in range of his rifle, he thought it better to allow Cooper to use her .50.  After a few minutes, it became clear that they were not killing the enemy fast enough.

Carrington moved from the spotting scope to his rifle.  He took aim at an artillery piece, targeting its commander.  He sent a bullet flying threw the air, striking the man in the chest.  Beside him, cooper sent a shot into the sighting mechanism, rendering the gun basically inoperable.

"Show-off..." mumbled Carrington as he shot the gunner off a machine gun.  Cooper laughed and shot a truck.  Her shot was lucky and hit a crate of ordinance, sending shrapnel flying everywhere and killing a dozen men scrambling around near it.

"Once again, show-off..." Carrington shot another soldier.  After a few more kills, the enemy finally managed to get their armored vehicles into the fight.  A 105mm shell slammed into the ground, sending sand flying high into the air.

"Shit!  Lieutenant, there's no way we can take those vehicles out!  We need fire support!" yelled Carrington.

"Yeah, I'll call for artillery!" replied Cooper.

The End

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