Covert InsertionMature

SSgt. Carrrington

After sleeping the adrenaline high from the previous night off, Carrington rolled out of the cot he had been resting in.  He still had about an hour until they were being deployed, and he needed to get those fancy new optics installed on his rifle.  He slung his rifle over his shoulder, strapped on his sidearm, and grabbed his assault rifle.

As he was walking towards the makeshift armory, a V-22 Osprey swooped over head, circling and then landing at the edge of the encampment.  He kept walking, not paying much attention to the aircraft.  He pushed aside the flaps, walking into the tent.

"I was told there were some new optics here for my rifle.  Could you be so kind as to put 'em on for me?" he asked.

Without looking up from his work, a corporal answered, "Sure, just leave it on the table, and I'll get to it in a few minutes, sir."  Carrington left his rifle in the indicated area and went to find something to eat.  It likely wouldn't be too tasty, but he needed something.

After eating an MRE, he went back to the armory and retrieved his rifle.  He didn't see Lieutenant Cooper anywhere, so he went back to the barracks to find her.  After finding the barracks empty, he decided to check the command center.  She was indeed there, conversing with an intelligence operative about the specifics of the mission.

She waved him over and said, "Looks like we don't have air support on this mission.  There's some artillery moving into position, but there's no guarantee it will be in place when we need it.  So we are going to do things the old fashioned way; fieldwork and marksmanship."

"Sounds good, let's get going then," replied Carrington.


The Osprey that had landed earlier flew them into enemy territory.  It came to a hover over some rocky terrain, and Carrington rappelled down.  Moving to the side and dropping to a knee, he confirmed that the area was clear and then waved Cooper down.

They set off to the north, moving at a decent pace.  Eventually they came to a break in the rocks several hundred feet wide, which they couldn't go around quickly enough to be in position on time.  They checked the opposite side, finding it clear.

About halfway across the area, they heard the all too familiar sound of chopper rotors.  There was no way to know how far away it was, or even if it was moving towards them, but the snipers picked up their pace and ran towards the far side.  The noise got louder and louder, until it seemed it was almost on top of them.

They reached the rocks just in time, quickly taking cover as the helicopter flew directly over them.  Carrington could feel his heart beat, and not just from the sprint to cover.  The sound eventually faded into the background.

"Too close," said Cooper.  Carrington nodded in agreement before again moving towards the camp.

The End

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