SSgt. Carrington

Having broken enemy resistance in the village, Lt. Cooper reported their success to the Jamesford.  They then began scouting the area around them.  A few stragglers from the battle remained, and they eliminated them.  After deeming the cleanup a success, they headed out to look for shade, as the sun was quickly rising.

The shade, when they found it, was an outcropping of rocks overlooking a road.  They sat down and leaned against the rocks, waiting for time to pass.  They were already miles ahead of the rest of the American forces, and couldn't advance too far, lest they be cut off by a counter-attack.

After several hours, a cloud of dust began to rise in the south.  Soon it grew larger, and the sound of engines could be heard.  Moving into prone positions, the snipers waited for the vehicles to get closer.  In a few minutes, the vehicles were within a mile of them.

Looking through his scope Carrington said, "Looks like Humvees, our guys.  Maybe we ought to get there attention, and get out of this damn sun."  They began searching radio channels until they found one with some chatter.

Cooper keyed her mike and said, "This is Lieutenant Cooper, Marine Scout Sniper.  We have eyes on a convoy of vehicles.  Would that be you, over?"

Seconds later, a voice replied, "Yes it is.  What is your location, over?"

"We are near some rocks to your north.  We are standing up now, over," replied Cooper.

As the vehicles neared, one broke off from the pack and began driving up the small hill towards them.  It rolled to a stop, and the snipers walked towards it.

"Are you THE Lt. Cooper we have been hearing so much about?  The one that has already wiped out half of the forces in this region?" asked the driver.

"Yeah, that's me.  Any chance we could get a ride?" replied Cooper.

"Sure, get in."

The End

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