Fish in a BarrelMature

1st Lieutenant Cooper

"That's one for me," Carrington said cycling a round. Yea, like I'm letting you take out more than me, not a chance in hell! Lining up my cross-hairs, I steadied my breathing and cradled the trigger. Pressing the steel trigger, I loosed a round. The enemy group was starting to scramble trying to determine our location. As men ran, Carrington and I kept sending rounds down range. Bickering about our kill scores. 

"That's 15!" Carrington shouted, sighting in again. I grinned. 

"Hurry up kid, I'm already on 18!" I could here the Staff Sergeant swear as he sniped one of the vehicles drivers. Blood soaked many of the truck's sheet metal. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. 

"Gunner on the .50cal!" I growled taking out an RPG man. Carrington shifted his fire and took out the gunman and four more enemies. 

"That's twenty-one Lieutenant!" Carrington chuckled reloading his rifle. He's a good sniper, I thought, he can defiantly match me shot for shot. I took one more shot, watching the man's head explode. Not for long though.

"Reloading," I called out, quickly swapping mags. Steading back on my scope, a noise caught my ears. The signature 'whump-whump' of mortar fire. Sand and dirt exploded about 60 meters ahead of us and to the left.

"Shit!" Carrington exclaimed flinching. "Where the hell's that coming from?" Swiveling  my scope around to the small group of men that remained, a small black object caught my interest. Taking a quick shot at the enemy mortar team I yelled their position.

"Left, on the dark two story's roof. I count tangos. And Carrington, I'm at twenty five." He quickly began taking shots at the mortar team.  With inhuman accuracy, we managed to tag all of the mortar crew. Many of the enemy tangos had either fled or were lying in their blood. Finally I took my eye off the scope, sweat poured from my brow. Reloading my rifle, I looked to the Staff Sergeant. 

"Well Carrington, I think I won this little contest of yours." He raised an eyebrow at me before his expression suddenly shifted to horror. Spinning around, I gaped at the machines heading for us. Three Russian made MI-35 "Hinds" were bearing down on us, loaded to the teeth.

"Fuck!" I snarled scoping in. If only I had enough time to unpack my Barret you Commie bastards. Roaring filled my ears as the helicopters were almost on top of us. Dying by helicopter hadn't been in the fore-front of my mind, at least not on this mission. 

"Hang in there Devil Dogs, Cavalry's here!" A loud southern voice shouted over the radio. Two FA-18 Super hornets streaked above the helicopters and circled around. Two of the helicopters broke off for the jets, while on still charged towards us. A loud muzzle blast crackled like thunder next to my ear. Carrington had taken a shot. Finding my zero, I shot a round into the helicopter's cockpit. As my rifle's bolt slid back Carrington took one more shot. In a burst of skull and brains, the pilot died. The hind began to whine and scream as spun towards the earth. 

"MOVE!" I snarled grabbing the Staff Sergeant and taking off running. I didn't dare look over my shoulder as the helicopters death throws neared. The ground shuddered as the bird crashed, releasing a shock wave that knocked us off our feet. The sky went alight with gunfire as the jet's tore into the other helicopters skin. The North Korean's seemed to find some sense of sanity as their busted aircraft booked it from the engagement zone. The Jamesford's pilots, gave us a guick good bye and headed off for the carrier. Finding my footing, I stood and looked to Carrington. He had a big stupid grin on his face. He had beaten me, I knew it and he knew it. Turing my back to him, I shot off a retort. 

"That still only counts as one!" 

The End

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