Permission to Engage...?Mature

SSgt. Carrington

Carrington and Cooper continued moving towards their assigned positions.  Soon they approached a sand dune.  After climbing to the top, they peered over the top of it. 

Ahead was a small city.  After observing the area for several minutes through the scopes on the rifles, they saw what they were looking for.  Several heavy trucks were approaching from the north.  As the trucks rolled to a stop, men began pouring out of the houses and gathering around the vehicles.  Several carried weapons, and as the tailgates of the transports opened, men began handing out more guns.  Soon, all of them were armed, and of the roughly two hundred men gathered, twenty had RPG-7's.

"Hmmm... this could be problematic..." whispered Carrington.

"Yes, it most certainly could..." replied Cooper before she activated her COM and said, "Jamesford, this is Lieutenant Cooper.  My team has eyes on about 200 heavily armed tangos.  Requesting orders."

After listening to the reply she said, "They don't want a lot of civilian casualties.  Air support is pending, but it looks like were on our own for now.  Leaders and RPG's first, then work our way down.  Sound good?"

Zeroing his cross-hairs on a man rallying the enemy, he replied, "Absolutely," before firing.

"That's one for me," he said as he cycled another round.

The End

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