Not your Average FireworksMature

1st Lieutenant Cooper

 Moving to the prone position, I flipped my rifle's bi-pod out and set it on the sandy ground. I had no real way to know range or windage, this would be a pure instinct shoot. I smiled, it would be a true test of intuition if it came down to taking a shot. Carrington's figure grew smaller as he made his way towards the CIWS and SAM sites. Taking a slow deep breath I shut my right eye and gazed through the scope with my left. Carrington was crouched next to a CIWS battery and was deploying C4. A small flicker of movement caught my interest as I shifted my rifles direction. One lone night patrol guard walked lazily out a nearby building and paused, taking another drag from his cigarette. Without taking my hand of the tigger I activated my COM-link.

"Carrington, you've got a lone tango at your 11 o'clock. Currently stationary, please advise, over." The COM was silent for a moment before the young Staff Sergeant's hushed voice spoke.

"Your call, Lieutenant. Less bodies is better for now. Out." I sighed, the guard was not a direct threat so I decided to wait. Through my scope, I continued to watch Carrington move from one battery to the next setting more and more explosives.

"Ok, I'm finished here. Moving back to your position, over."  I returned my attention to the guard checking that he would notice the sniper moving out of the Anti-Air battery's vicinity. It took him about 5 minutes or so to finally get back to me. 

"Took your time," I teased. Carrington rolled his eyes as he pulled a detonator from his pack. A grin spanned his face as his thumb hit the detonation button. A set of fire balls erupted into the sky, blasting metal, exploding unused ammunition, and detonating the SAMs . Seconds later the resounding echo of the blast reached our ears. Looking up from my rifle I gave the Staff Sergeant two thumbs up. 

"Nice job Carrington, now if you could do that to the rest of North Korea's Anti-air and Armor you'd win this war all by yourself." He just shook his head as I stood and shouldered my rifle. Tapping my COM, I contacted the CO.

"USS Jamesford, this is Lieutenant Cooper. The road is clear of all AA batteries near our DZ. Send in the Flyboys, over." 

"This is the USS Jamesford, they're inbound hot and heavy. Enjoy the fireworks, Out." Off in the distance a dull roar began to grow, like a building thunderstorm. Two, squadrons of FA-18 Super Hornets streaked overhead tearing towards the main southern defense force at the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border. Missiles and bombs left the aircraft in waves setting the night sky ablaze.

"Just like the fourth of July," I chuckled as Carrington and I started towards the war.  

The End

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