Oh my...Mature

SSgt. Carrington

After walking for several miles, they came to the area that would have been their DZ.  Carrington dropped to one knee and looked around through his binoculars.  He shuddered as he looked at the ambush that had been set up there.  There were a pair of CIWS guns and radar equipment.  He also noticed some mobile SAM sites that were being set up.

"Lieutenant, look at this," he said, handing her the binoculars.  After surveying the area she handed him the binoculars back.

"We were supposed to secure this area for additional troop drop-offs.  There's no way we can do that now," she said with disgust.

After thinking for a moment, Carrington replied, "Actually, we may be able to take out those guns.  I'm cross-trained for demolitions.  C4 detonates with an electric signal.  If I can wire some into the electric motors of those guns, they should explode next time they try to fire them.  I can probably do something with the SAM's too."

"Do it.  I'll provide cover, but we can't kill too many, or we'll alert them to our presence.  Needless to say, that wouldn't be good.  And Carrington, be careful out there," said Cooper.

The End

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