What goes up, get's Shot DownMature

1st Lieutenant Cooper

It had all gone terribly wrong. Carrington and I had loaded up onto separate UH-60 helicopters. Our mission was to go behind enemy lines and provide whatever reconnaissance and support the special forces and invading battalions needed. The liftoff from the USS Jamesford transitioned into a smooth ride over the Persian Gulf and then to Kuwait.

"Ma'am, what squad you from?" I glanced over to a young special forces soldier, his face was serious.

"Teufel Hunden," I said straight faced. He nodded looking toward my SR-25 sniper rifle. "Marine Scout Sniper." I replied before the soldier could voice his question.

"15 minutes to the DZ," the pilot said over our headsets. I wondered how Carrinton was faring in the other chopper and glanced out the open side door. Before I could even shout to the pilot tracer fire and bullets tore through both aircraft. A loud thud noise and an explosion rattled the aircraft sending us into a tailspin through the air. The engine whined, alarms blared, and the pilots shouted...we were going down. The thump of the rotors grew heavier and heavier as we neared the ground at increasing speeds. The pressure eventually knocked me out before the helicopter smashed into the ground.

Regaining consciousness I heard footsteps nearing me. I tried to roll over but my aching body protested. 

"Lieutenant...Lieutenant Cooper...RILEY!" My eyes shot open and looked towards the voice. I was now on my back with Carrington kneeling beside me. A large slash was torn into his cheek causing blood to drip onto the sand. Slowly I sat up, wincing as pain slammed into my ribs. Carrington helped me sit up as I looked around, what I saw looked like hell. The crashed and burning remains of the helicopters were smashed into the desert surrounded by corpses, some burning.

"Did anyone else survive?" Carrington looked uneasy as he glanced back to the helicopters.

"No, not one." I sighed and rubbed my temples feeling blood coursing from my forehead. Finally I stood and checked myself for any other injuries, none.

"What about out gear?" I asked moving between the wreckage.  Carrington pointed out my rifle and gear which he had recovered.

"I recovered everything I could." A small explosion erupted from one of the crashed helicopters. Hurriedly I grabbed my equipment , and checked our surroundings.

"We need to get out of here now, before the search party shows up. " Pressing my com-link I contacted the CO on the USS Jamesford.

"This is 1st Lieutenant Cooper of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit, Scout Sniper. The two special forces Helo's designated Viper 1 and Viper 2 have crashed. We are currently evac-ing from the crash sight and are moving  to a position to support the invading forces." Turning to Carrington I motioned in the direction we were headed. He nodded and we headed out to our marked placement position. As we moved the commander replied. 

"Roger that, 1st Lieutenant Cooper. Casualty report?"

"All K.I.A except for myself and Staff Sergeant Carrington." There was a pause on the other end of the com.

"All K.I.A, Roger. Maintain radio silence until your in position. Out." Carrinton looked over to me as we moved around some buildings. They were still full of bullet holes from the last war. 

"We almost there?" I stifled a laugh.

"We got another 10 mikes(minutes) till we reach the DZ then another 30 mikes before we reach the our designated position."   

The End

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