SSgt. Carrington

Sergeant Carrington approached the chopper on the deck of the Amphibious Assault Ship he was on.  Soon, he was in the air, with Lt. Cooper in another helicopter ahead of him.  Both were with a squad of special forces commandos.  It would take time to deploy all of their forces, and the teams were being deployed to delay the enemy.

One of the special forces soldiers said, "So when our tanks roll in and the choppers fly over, this will be over fast.  I figure a month at most."

Another responded, "Nah, they won't last a day against us.  Hell, we might be able to end this before the vehicles even get here."

A third said, "I bet a hundred dollars it'll be two months, minimum."

The others all took the bet, then one said, "What about you Sergeant?  You want in on this?"  Carrington glanced out the window for a moment, thinking.

Turning back, he said, "Sure, I'll bet it'll be another Iraq war.  We'll be here for years."  Something caught his eye.  There was a flashing off to the east.  Squinting at it, a bright light flashed in front of him - where the Lieutenants chopper had been.  Moments later, multiple impacts hit his aircraft.  It started spinning out of control, and he felt it jerk as the tail rotor broke off.

The End

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