Carrington: Test ShotMature

"I don't need a spotter.  The Captain seems to think differently, but don't let him fool you.  So if you are going to fill this role, prove yourself," ordered the Lieutenant.

Carrinton moved into position on the firing line.  He flipped the covers on his scope up, and waited for the target.  There were multiple trenches for the targets to be raised from, and he waited for it.  However, the LT had a surprise for him.  Instead of one target, three were raised, at different ranges.

From behind him, he heard her say three words; closest, farthest, middle.  He did as he was told, judging the closest target to be 250 meters.  After firing, he cycled his rifle and shifted his aim slightly.  The farthest target was at roughly 800 meters.  He placed the shot center mass to ensure a hit.  The middle target was at 550 meters, and his shot flew into the head of the target.  He stayed on the shooting line.  From behind him, he could hear a radio transmission stating three hits, all kill shots. 

"Staff Sergeant Carrington was it?  You have just hit three targets at ranges 250, 800, and 500 meters.  The weather is fine, visibility is great.  Anyone who completed the program you went through could do this.  I am not impressed by your demonstration, but I will give you a chance to prove yourself in the field.  Dismissed!"

Carrington rose, saluted, and returned to the Humvee.  Soon he was back on base.  He began cleaning his rifle.  One never knew when they could clean their weapons, so it was better to do it as often as possible to prevent malfunctions in combat.

The End

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