One Shot, One KillMature

In August 2010 President Obama pulled all U.S troops out of Iraq. Throughout the rest of the year tensions between North Korea and the rest of the Western world escalated dramatically. The North Koreans began to flex their military might by shelling it's neighbor to the south. When that didn't draw the worlds attention, North Korea threatened Nuclear War but China intervened in 2011-2012 by withdrawing it's backing from the country. In 2013 North Korea was contacted by a collection of Jihadists

1st Lieutenant Cooper


“The true result of peace is always war.” – Captain Kennen, the Second Gulf War.

I stood before the heavy, cherry wood doors listening to the sound of voices inside. Captain Mattsfield had ordered me to give a speech to the greenest in our Corps, the recruits fresh out of Boot Camp. I pulled off my aviators, putting them in my pocket of my Cammies. Biting my lip I pushed open the doors. Some of them turned their eyes to me while others kept on talking.

“First Lieutenant on Deck!” a young PFC shouted, causing everyone to snap to attention. The room fell into a much more tolerable silence. Leaving the men and women at attention, I walked down the main isle and up to the podium at the front of the room.  When my eyes finally turned to meet theirs I was greeted by utter attention and respect. Probably more for the silver bar on each side of my collar, than for me as a person.

“At ease!” the group relaxed and sat in their chairs, some were wide-eyed others just glanced around.

“I have experienced the thrill of war 4 times now. I was there in the first and second Gulf war, battling along side my brothers and sisters to rid Iraq of a Dictatorship and then a terrorist regime. I was in Afghanistan twice battling an entrenched and ruthless enemy who was more willing to die in suicidal attempts than flee to fight another day.  I am no ordinary soldier though; I am a Marine Scout Sniper. The meanest, deadliest, and most dangerous soldier you will meet on your orientation today.” I paused for effect, though I wasn’t exactly happy to be speaking. I could have been out on the range practicing but the all knowing Captain chose me to talk, saying it would be “a good experience”. I opened my mouth to speak when the doors at the back of the room burst open. Speak of the devil, Captain Mattsfield.

“Sir,” I said seeing great distress on the Captain’s face. He moved quickly up to the podium, grabbing the remote off it. Captain Mattsfield pressed the on button for a large LCD TV that was behind me.

“Watch, Lieutenant…” was all Mattsfield said as the news came on the television, a reporter spoke in the background.

“We’re just getting reports from all over the middle east that North Korea has brought it's military forces through the Persian Gulf, making sweeping attacks across Kuwait and up to the Iraqi border. Last night’s report has stated the North Koreans have reached Diwaniyah. There is intense fighting throughout the region as the invasion continues.” I stood in shock as footage of the invasion streamed on to the TV, displaying a barbaric style of Modern Warfare. Other images of burning villages and bodies brought back memories of my previous tours. Same shit, different aggressor. I clenched my fist and turned to the Captain.

“When, Sir?” was all I could manage through gritted teeth. Mattsfeild, turned to me and gave me a motion to wait as he turned to address the rookies.

“You’ve seen the footage! This orientation is over, move out to your Units. War has again greeted us. DISMISSED! Lieutenant follow me.” Captain Mattsfield took off out of the room as I walked beside him.

“At 0100hrs June 14, the North Koreans invaded Kuwait from the Persian Gulf. The rest you heard from the news. Now I haven’t gotten any official orders about our mobilization, but I can guarantee we will be.” I nodded and replaced my sunglasses over my eyes, the sun in Camp Pendleton was resting high in the sky. A small grin flashed across his face.

“You have no spotter, Lieutenant.” I sighed, back to beating this dead horse. “Even before the North Koreans decided to grow some balls, the higher ups had ordered me to pick another spotter for you.” As much as I wanted to protest, I held my tongue. He had already chosen from the look on his face. I turned my attention to our surrounding noticing we were near the range. The Captain halted at the number 3 shooting lane, my usual shooting lane.

“He will be arriving in about,” Mattsfield looked to his watch “5 minutes.” Hurry up and wait, the usual military standard. So I found a place against the wall to lean on waiting for this prospective spotter. After a few minutes a desert coloured Humvee rolled up to the range. I narrowed my eyes as the vehicle’s back door opened. Out stepped a 6'2" Marine. He was lean and muscular with very short brown hair and dark brown eyes. My gaze fell to his shoulders seeing his rank, Staff Sergeant. My eyes grew wide behind my aviator glasses. How could the Captain have the audacity to assign a Staff Sergeant as my Spotter. The Staff Sergeant snapped to attention and exchanged a few words with the Captain before relaxing and following Mattsfield to me. Again the Staff Sergeant went into a crisp salute to attention.

“At ease,” I said, ice coating my voice.

“This,” The Captain said gesturing to the new man “is Staff Sergeant Jack Carrington.” I nodded stepping away from the wall. He may have stood taller than me but I wasn't the slightest intimidated.

“First Lieutenant Riley Cooper.” I replied putting my sunglasses in my pocket. His brown eyes met my icy blue. Why the hell did they assign me this kid?

The End

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