One sentence at a time 05/10/10Mature

 The tall man walked towards the gypsy lady, tipping his hat politely. The rain was pouring down around him and in the
distance, streaks of lightning shot across the sky. She bundled him into her wagon and drove off. Through the rain, he saw the
cliff ahead,"I dont want to die," he screamed. At which point a wheel fell off the wagon. Suddenly the wagon flew into the air,
 and broke through the Earth's atmosphere headed to Mars. She screamed with a melifluous voice which began to grate on him.
He picked up a saucepan and hit her over the head with it.
 Suddenly, the wagon started falling back to Earth. He tried ro cut his wrists but found no knives. Then a bird flew lazily under the plummeting wagon, and exploded.
Feathers flew up through the windows of the wagon and the man, noticing them smiled at the bird's demise.
Suddenly the wagon disappeared, and everything around it turned to black. He appeared in a black hole and was squished, untill an indestructible gelatinous mass enveloped him. It smelt strange, like nothing he had smelled before. Then he realised that his nose had imploded. He quite liked this new feeling, and to think he had only gone out to get milk. For no explicable reason, he could only speak in German. "Ach Scheiße!" he yelled. Then he looked down into the distance to see his tongue slowly flying away.

Then he woke up to very strange looks from the people on the bus. The wet patch beneath him dripped from the seat, and it smelled vaguely of urine. In reality it was apple juice. His friend, who was sat next to him, giggled, sipping her drink. She then upended her drink on his head. It added to the wet patch at his feet. The dampness felt good and he suddenly got an erection. As nothing even remotely interesting happened in the next split second, time around the bus stopped. The man started to cry. He turned to see the leprechaun next to him. "Burn them all, son!", he said. The man smiled, then exploded, killing the whole bus.

The end.

The End

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