Plastic Surgery Scare

"That is not my idol...that is not even real; it is an unholy, inexplicably-animated mannequin that crawled like the Grudge out of the darkest depths of Uncanny Valley to pose as a human being, and we should confront it with a crucifix."

Lol...I was watching Entertainment Tonight. Do the math. 

This came from a friend of mine:

"But, Crazy, we already have an artificial life-form. We call it Jessica Simpson."

Yes, they call me Crazy. They call me mad! And there is a totally reasonable, logical explanation for this. Well...actually, there isn't.

"I'm a Barbie girl, and you're stuck in my world...choking on plastic, its can dye my hair, and inject me everywhere. Botox nation, we're Frankenstein creations!"

Okay, you may leave now. Don't forget to pick up your complimentary comfort Teddy bears on your way out the door.



The End

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