Chapter 1

Here's another one that does not reflect my personality:

Sobriety is overrated.

Now here is something I'm going to incorperate into this story-

 Life through my eyes (my being first person you)

A few examples came to me in the car today, coming back from choir. First, I saw two homeless people under a bridge. In the few seconds I could see them for, an entire life, storyline, whatever you want to call it, sprang up for this scene. I could not tell from the distance what their respective genders, but I did see one already in a makeshift bed, and the other dropping heavily in to what looked to be a sleeping bag besides the other blankets. You must think: what magnificent troves of emotion, power, and timlessness come from Human life! We are truly unique in spirit....

Second, on the same ride, I saw an even more perfect scene. A tall hispanic man in a grey hoody was standing beneath a tree, which itself was perfectly backlit by the settting sun. Helicopter seeds floated around him, and what must have been a girl. She was considerably shorter than him, and was hugging him tightly around the waist while digging her face into his shoulder. For all the seconds I could witness this scene, not one muscle between them moved. Again, interpreting powers would be of great use when creating a story from this......

The End

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