Jacklyn- Confusion

I walked on ahead of Olivia and Hunter. "Atleast they stopped argueing..." I thought. Hasn't this day just been a roller coaster? Morning, fine! Afternoon, sore butt from sitting on the bus! I really wish I was back in that museum, after all, being lost in a familar environment is better then what looked like another world! All this dust is unnatural.

"It's like the land is...dead," I muttered. Olivia must have heard me, because she walked a little faster to be next to me.

"Say something, Jackie?" she asked. I rubbed my eyes, saying, "All this dust, it's...Well, it's almost unnatural. Almost like the land is dead," She stopped and stared at me for a moment. Then kept walking on.

"What do you think that man back there was talking about? You know, the 'Him' stuff," said Hunter as he caught up with us. Olivia's eyebrows furrowed together.

"I havn't the slittest idea," she whispered after a minute of silence.

We walked on down the road, discussing what we should do next. I'm suprized that Olivia and Hunter didn't start argueing again. Suddenly, our chests started to glow faintly. I pulled out my necklace to see that it was it glowing. Hunter's was glowing yellow, Olivia's orange, and mine green.

"What the he-" Hunter started to say, when Olivia and I shushed him. We listened.

Footsteps were drawing near.

The End

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