Dalziel – Planning a Trip

We sat in silence pondering my question; how are we going to find the other three crystal bearers.

My eyes flicked to Aimili and then to Callen and I am reminded that we need supplies. It’s an excuse to go into town.  But, Aimili can’t  come with me because they know who she is.

I sigh.

It is probably time for us to move to a new location before Keallach finds us.

So many problems, so few solutions.

“Maybe I’ll dream how,” Aimili sounds annoyed.

“Well I could go into to town and listen to see if there are any rumors...”

Callen interrupts. “I can go. You two caused a fuss the other night.”

“You were there?” I’m surprised by this. I would have thought I’d have known.

Callen nods.

“I should still go.’ His face sours, ever so slightly. “We need food.”

“I’ll go too,” Aimili pipes up.

“Amili, you know you can’t go out...”

“Why not?” She’s storming mad. “I’m not a five year old in need of a big brother.” Those words hurt more than I want to admit to myself.

“Amili,” I remain calm, “You are the only crystal bearer they know, they came close to taking you the other night and...”

“I’m going,” she stomps her foot and spins to go to the door.

“Wait,” I grab her arm, suddenly away of Callen’s stare, I don’t expect him to understand, even if I just told our life story. “Let us disguise you, at least. It’s already late in the day, we should rest tonight and go in the morning. We may find enough wild harvest to pose as peasants from the woods.”

“And if I disguise myself, you’ll let me go?” She doesn’t believe me, not that I blame her. I have been over protective of late.

“Yes,” I’ve given in.

She’d be there anyway. My requests about her midnight forays have fallen on deaf ears.

“Promise?” she looks hopeful and excited.

“I promise.”

It really is time I treated her like an equal than the girl I need to care for. I just wish she understood why I worry so much about her. Then again, I’m not even sure I want to admit how much I care.

The End

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