Jackie: Still feeling sickly

"Do you have a small cup of water, Olivia?" I asked. I coughed really hard, then she gave me a bottle with a worried look on her face. I pulled out of my bag another bottle with tablets inside. I took  them and handed the bottle back to Olivia.

"Hunter?" I asked, "Did you really carry me?" He grunted, as if I wasn't under-weight.

I squirmed a little.. I think I was getting restless. That's a first, I thought to myself, and smiled.

Then coughed again. My coughings were getting harder and more hurtful where we are. I'm hoping that as soon as  we get out of the mist and dust, I'll feel better.

This time, after my coughing settled, Hunter shushed, and we all listened.

Footsteps where coming nearer and nearer.

The End

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