Olivia-In Your Face, Hunter!

"Now what?" Hunter asked. I set my bag on the ground and rummaged through it before finding what I was looking for.

"Now you stay here while we're gone and scream like a little girl if somebody comes, kay?"

"Just where do you think you're going?" He said defensively.

"Don't peek." I told him sternly as I pulled Jackie to her feet. We slipped away behind some trees and showed her what I had.

As we walked back, Hunter had his back to us. Apparently we had been stepping really softly because it wasn't until I had squatted down and said, "What'cha looking at?" that he noticed us.

"Nothing." He said, then did a double take. "Wait, where'd the clothes come from?"

Jackie and I had changed into clothes that camouflaged a lot better

"My family and I were going to go camping right after the field trip. They were going to pick me up at the museum, so I had my camping pack with me when we were teleported."

"Oh." He said and blinked. Jackie and I sat down close to him.

"Well, with my pack, we have enough food for dinner tonight. That's about it. All the food for my family's camping trip was being loaded while my brother and I were at school.

"Pff, I don't need your help." He brushed my hand off of his back.

"And just what makes you think I'm letting you use my knife and survival handbook without supervision?"

The End

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