Callan - Meeting

It took me a long time to work past my distrust and decide to meet that girl. Images of the purple crystal glowing at her neck kept swimming through my mind, blurring my vision with the wild hope that others like me existed. But what if that was only a hallucination, a dream of another Crystal Bearer because I’ve been desperately searching for so long? I’ve heard somewhere that when people are desperate enough they began to see things, and the line between reality and hope was so fine that  I couldn’t tell for the life of me whether this violet Crystal Bearer fell into the category of real or imagined. Finally I decided to swallow my distrust and search for the girl.

The search didn’t take long. I flew over rooftops and church spires, my eyes as keen as a bird’s on the ground below me. To be honest I did not really require my sight at all, for I could feel the intense energy radiating from the half-fallen cottage that surely must’ve housed the girl with the purple crystal. I touched down lightly a fair distance away, walking the last few yards over to the house. The pulsing energy around me calmed me down as I got closer, wrapping me in a blanket of security. I raised a fist to knock on the door, only to decide against it at the last minute and peered through the window instead. A young man sat on a stool in front of the cold hearth, his palms around his head. Despite the dark cloak that shrouded his shoulders and chest, a glimmer of blue shone through like a beacon. I stared, not believing my eyes. A blue Crystal Bearer?

I staggered away from the window, rubbing my tired eyes. Surely my vision was playing a trick on me, getting my hopes up with not only one but two other Crystal Bearers. I stumbled down the nearest path, needing to get away from the house and its evil trickery at once. Surrounded by the woods, I began to ran, my feet making almost no sound on the forest floor. There it was again, that pulsating energy drawing me towards its heart. I gave in and wandered with the force, widening my eyes as it lead me to the girl of the other night. Hiding behind a bush, I stared at her throat and the crystal dangling there for a long time. I had to make sure that she and her crystal were real before I expose myself.

I stepped in front of her, surprised at the speed by which she drew out her daggers.

"It's okay," I said as I held up the crystal hanging from my neck, "I'm not here to hurt you.”

She lowered her knives and looked at me, her eyes assessing every inch of me. I saw the desperation in my eyes mirrored in hers as she stared at my crystal. Finally she nodded and extended her hand to me.

“Aimili,” she said.

I took her hand and shook it, feeling the roughness of her fingers.

“Callan,” I replied. She nodded.

“Well, now there are three of us,” she told me after a long silence, “You, me and Dalziel.”

“A blue Crystal Bearer?” I blurted out, my mind reeling at the fact that perhaps my eyes didn’t trick me after all.

“I’m not even going to ask how you knew that,” she said.

“Well, now that we’re here, we should discuss our plans,” I said, trying to divert her attention away from the fact that I was snooping around the area.

“Not without Dalziel,” she told me and headed back along the path that lead to the half-fallen cottage.

“Wait up!” I yelled to her, quickening my steps to catch up, “How am I going to get to your house without you?”

“I assumed you already knew the way,” she replied curtly.

Aimili had to pound the door quite loudly before someone opened up. The young man I saw earlier with his head in his hands stood on the other side of the threshold, his face still soft with sleep. I was about to open my mouth to explain myself, when his dark eyes spot the red crystal at my neck.

“Hello,” he said tentatively, smiling at me, “Can I get you anything? We don’t have much but...”

“Sorry to trouble you,” I said at the same time, “But I’m...”

Aimili laughed, her eyes twinkling for the first time as she watched our awkward encounter.

“Callan, this is Dalziel,” she said, “And Dalziel, this is Callan.”

“Hey there fellow Crystal Bearer,” Dalziel said, grinning as he grasped my hand for a good strong shake.

I was no longer alone.


The End

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