Revival Efforts

I looked from Jacklyn to Hunter and back. Realizing Hunter wasn't going to do anything, I set down my pack. I dragged it over to the wall close to Jacklyn then grabbed her around her waist and heaved her up against me. I scooted slightly so that I could see her face. Reaching into my pack, I pulled out a fan and started fanning her. I stopped then held out the fan to Hunter.

"Fan her."

"What? NO!" He folded his arms. I stared him in the eyes.

"FAN HER." He glared back. He didn't realize I was very practiced in staring contests. Finally he gave in and took the fan. He started fanning her. I grabbed a canteen with water in it and slipped some water between her lips. I pulled out from under and grabbed her hands. I rubbed them and her arms. I patted her cheeks and stroked her hair. Giving her more water, I gave her a gentle shake. She didn't respond.

I snatched the fan from Hunter. He didn't say anything. Stuffing it in my pack along with my canteen, I slung the pack on my back.

"Pick her up." This time, all Hunter did was roll his eyes at me before obeying. I stood. "Come on, we're going to go find some help."

The End

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