Dalziel - Pacing

Sometimes I think Aimili hates me. She leaves so often and doesn’t meet my gaze like she used to. I can’t say I blame her. Asking her to stay hidden and inside, unable to do anything to help Ethuplia, must be antagonizing for her. She has to hate me for asking her to be patient. Heck, I'm running out of patience myself.

Shaking my head, I will myself to sleep while Aimili is out. Healing takes energy. I have to rest to replenish it. It’s just very hard for me to rest while she is out there. Just because she does go into town doesn’t mean Keallach’s men can’t find her.

After tossing and turning a while as the sky lightens, I realize trying to sleep is useless. Instead I begin to pace from my bed to the front door and back.

I should go out and find her.

No, I need to trust that she will come back.

I should go out and find her.

No, I need to trust that she will come back.

Around and around the thoughts went until I stopped myself to eat. I realize I need to go into town for some more supplies soon. We are running low. Forcing myself to eat slowly, I sit at the table.

The sudden banging of the door makes me jump. “Dalziel!”

I must have nodded off at the table for it is mid morning.

“Danziel!” Aimili sounds impatient.

I smile, knowing she’s likely to have her hands on her hips, but my smile freezes as I turn around. Someone stands behind her, his guarded grey eyes peering from beneath a mop of red hair.

“Hello,” I find my voice and truly smile as I note the red crystal at his neck, “can I get you anything, we don’t have much but...”

The End

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