Callan - A Rescue Attempt

I walked through the town, my booted feet tapping softly on the cobblestone. The red crystal at my throat bounced lightly on my chest, reminding me of my responsibilities. I was here to destroy Keallach and bring Ethuplia back to its peaceful existence under the guidance of the Crystal Bearers. So far, I only know the identity of one Crystal Bearer. Me.

There was a sudden commotion on the rooftops above me. Instinctively I hid myself in a dark corner. A girl’s screams could be heard, as well as the thudding sounds of a struggle. I squared my shoulders and moved out from my hiding place, prepared to be the brave savior as was expected of me. Touching the crystal amulet at my throat, I flew upwards into the midst of the rooftops.

There was indeed a girl there, surrounded by a group of men. Those filthy cowards, grouping up to attack an innocent girl! I summoned fire to my fingertips from the angry core deep within me, and extend my arms towards the girl’s attackers. A loud thudding broke my concentration, and I lost the link to the fire within me. I sighed, and tried to concentrate again. I’ve only done this fire shooting once before, and I sorely needed practice.

The girl was no longer on the rooftops. She had fell off somewhere between my attempts at rescuing her. I quickly flew back down, hoping that I wouldn’t be finding a heap of broken bones beneath the bakery’s roof. She was still alive, limping away from her captors. I fixed my eyes on a nearby market stall and willed it to come to life. But another power beat me to helping her. A blast of pure energy shook the earth around me. All of those filthy cowards were knocked flat on their backs. Unaffected by the blast, I watched as she limped away down the street, her hand clutching a bright violet crystal. I’ve found another Crystal Bearer.

The End

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