Olivia the Fluorescent

"Alright girls! Good work!" Miss Settlue said. "Go get into your normal clothes and see you tomorrow!"

I jogged to the locker room and changed into tan shorts with a neon shirt. Reaching into my locker I pulled out rainbow knee high socks and exchanged them with the stripy socks I was wearing. Putting my tennis shoes into my locker, I pulled out my favorite soft-soled black shoes. The only black thing that I would tolerate to be on my body. With a big grin on my face, I slipped my favorite hobo gloves, neon rainbow fuzzy knit, onto my hands.

After fixing my ponytail I ran out to meet my friends. Cindy almost blinded me with her neon yellow ribbon. Carter walked up with his usual fluorescent pink t-shirt that reminded me of flamingos. Matt walked up with new neon blue and green striped shorts.

We're the group where if a gothic kid walked into our midst, they would walk out a changed person. Take Carter for example. He used to be a goth until he started hitting on me and then joined our group. He doesn't hit on me anymore.

We talked for a few minutes then rushed off to class. Cindy and I went to history. The only thing the teacher said that my brain absorbed was a field trip tomorrow.

Okay. After that, nothing.

The End

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