I don’t like it when Aimili goes out on the town. I worry. She thinks I worry too much, but how can I help it? We’re hunted people, her and I. Though as far as I know Keallach only knows about Aimili. Unlike her, I manage to stay hidden. That’s why I worry.

I stop my pacing at the door of our hideout. Absently I push back the blond hair from my eyes. No, something is wrong and I need to make sure I find her before Keallach does.  Slinging my bow and quiver upon my back I cover them and my hair with my cloak.

As always I hope I don’t have to use them. I hate hurting people, let alone killing them. But if I have to...

I shake my head of such thoughts, bushing back my hair into the depths of my hood. Outside the streets are dark and I head to the bakery. It’s one of Aimili’s favorite haunts, but I don’t have to go that far. I find her collapsed on the road. My hand touches the blue crystal about my neck. She has some wounds, falling damage I can tell. But I can’t heal her here.

“I think she went that way?” I hear a gruff voice.

Quickly I reach out with my mind and find Keallach’s men. So they had found her, which explains Aimili’s state.

“Are you an idiot?” another voice queries and I smile slightly. “She clearly went this way.”

“No,” I press on a third man’s mind. “She went that way.”

As their argument rises I gently pick Aimili up and carry her to our hideout.

The End

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