One Last Hope

Six teenangers have been born with incredible powers. Three of them are in the present time while the other three are in a dying world ruled by an evil soceror.
Hunter, Jacklyn and Olivia go to the same school but have never met. They get transported to Ethuplia on a school field trip to a museum.
Aimili, Dalziel and Callan all have their own troubles as they rebel against their dictator.
Only together will they be able to take down Keallach.


I stood on the roof on the bakery. It was a perfect place to watch the town with out anyone seeing me. Though it was the middle of the night so I doubted anyone would be out anyways.

I looked up toward Keallach's palace and instinctivly my hand grasped the Violet Crystal that hung from my neck. According to Dalziel, me and him were what were called Crystal Bearers. A group of people who get power from these crystals. Apparently Keallach had killed all the known Crystal Bearers years before we were born. 

I'm the only Crystal Bearer he knows of. He wouldn't have if I had just heeded Dalziel's advice and stayed hidden but I couldn't handle that. Keallach has tried many times to have me captured but has failed, which shocks me. Keallach is a master soceror and I'm still learning to control my powers.

I wonder if there are anymore Crystal Bearers out there. But before I can even blink a strip of cloth is placed over my mouth and strong hands grab my arms and force them behind my back. I try to call out but the cloth is so tight that it muffles my cries quite a bit. I try to fight back back but the men are too strong. They pick me up and begin to climb off the roof.

My stuggling becomes too much for the man holding me that I slip out of his hold and land on my back on the street below. My left arm hurts worse than anything else when I land. I groan and roll on to my side. I feel the men grab me again and force me to my feet.

But before we get too far I feel a sudden energy boost shoot through me and my captors are blown back and knocked unconscious. Then it's gone. I feel drained as I try to walk back to our hideout but before long I fall to the ground and everything becomes black.


The End

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