Ada: For The Rest Of My Life...

Ada Knowles

Evan hadn't been able to argue back with what I'd said; especially when he knew that what he wanted was more than willing to stay with him. He moved in with Mom and I, which was great. But Dad was a little broken-hearted that I'd chosen Evan over him. When Mom had called him and told him I wasn't coming, he pretty much freaked out especially when hearing that all of this was because of a 'boy'. A boy that I was in love with.

I was sitting with Evan in my room, both of us very happy with the way life was going, when Mom called me.

"Ada! There's a call for you! It's Dad!"

I gulped, feeling a little nervous and Evan gave my hand a squeeze as I picked up the phone and spoke into it.

"Hey Dad, about what happ-"

"Ada! What were you thinking?"

"I can explain Dad, just let me ta-"

"If you're doing this because of some boy, I rea-"

"DAD!" I half-shouted into the mouth of the phone and I felt Evan jump from behind me. Turning to face him, I gave him an apologetic grin. "His name is Evan, alright? And I'm in love with him. I've dreamt of a future with him, a family even. Doesn't that mean something to you?"

I could practially hear the hesitation coming from Dad, even though he wasn't speaking. My eyes however, were fixed on Evan's face which changed dramatically when he'd heard what I said. His emerald eyes were wide in surprise, and a hint of red seeping its way to his cheeks. I smiled.

"Well...what can I do, convince you?" My father's voice echoed weakly through the reciever and I sighed, happily.

"Nothing at all. I have everything I want with me," I stated simply and I my Dad hung up on me. He wasn't happy to hear what I'd said, but he'd come around soon enough.

After placing the phone down, I approached Evan slowly, biting down on my lower lip.

"So...what do you think?" I asked, sitting down next to him and placing my hand back into his.

"Are you sure?" He asked, looking into my eyes and I nodded, feeling more confident about this decision then ever. With his emerald eyes twinkling like the stars, he leaned in and kissed me. My arms went around his neck and we both fell back against the bed with me sighing happily against his lips.

I wanted Evan to be part of my future; a big part of it. I'd thought of it for so long, I even had ideas for our children's names, as absurd as that might be. I might only be a teenager but I wasn't like any other. I was sure of what I wanted for my life. 

No longer would I be taking reckless chance. This is my last one.

The End

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