Evan: Trinkets

Evan Brough

When Ada had ditched the plane for me, after spending the rest of the day and most of the night in the garden with her, I went home. I went to speak to my parents.

I grazed the metal against the keyhole, not quite sliding the key in smoothly. I winced at the noise that seemed so loud and then turned the key. Taking a deep breath, I swung open the door to the grousome view of my mother and father in their night clothes, glaring at me.

Before I could say anything, my mother hissed at me. "How very dare you!"

I smirk and stay silent for a minute.

She takes this as an opportunity to launch into full on argue mode. "We've fed and clothed you all your life, provided for you. I went through intense pain to get you into this world and this is how you repay me? This is how you repay your father? Your own parents?" I raised an eyebrow and looked across to my father for a moment. He looked livid. I looked back at my mother. "What have we ever done to deserve this? I thought we raised you bett-"

That was as far as she got before I started to talk. Surprisingly, I was extremely calm. "You never raised me. I raised myself."

My mother tried to interrupt me but I replied with a snide, "Shut up. I'm talking." Her mouth formed an 'O' shape and she looked at me in disbelief. "As far as I'm concerned, I don't have parents anymore. I'll gather my things from the loft and move out tomorrow. I'll also rip up all the floorboards so I can use them again and anything else I've fixed or earned over the years. You have no say in this. I am an indipendant person and I will not stand to be treated like a dog anymore. I'll see you at eight in the morning to collect my things."

With that, I turned away from the shocked looks on my parent's faces and walked out of the house.

*   *   *   *   *

The next morning I returned, true to my word and collected all my things. I then left and never looked back. As for where I went, well Ada's mother was amazing enough to allow me to convert her loft and let me live there so I could be with Ada.

My parents tried to get in contact with me several times, but each time I ignored them. I didn't want anything more to do with them.

After a few years of no contact and a relived me thinking I may just have finally got rid of them, I received a phone call. It was my father. I picked up the phone, said my name and waited for him to talk. If I didn't like what he was saying, I would hang up, simple.

"Evan." His voice sounded resigned. "Your mother and I are getting divorced. I just wanted you to know that we're both sorry and we don't expect you to ever get in contact with either of us if you don't want to anymore." He paused and then hung up.

Well, I guess that was the end of that.

The End

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