Ada: My Heart and Where It Belongs

"Boarding pass?" The women asked and I handed it to her along with my passport. She looked through it quickly before giving it back to me with a wide grin, showing off her pearly white teeth.

"I hope you enjoy your flight ma'am."

I didn't smile back as I moved past her, entering the boarding gate section. Apparently, there was a delay in the start of the flight and passengers wouldn't board till another fifteen minutes had passed. Had I known; I probably would have stayed back with Evan, said a few words to him and spoke my heart out. But would that have made any difference? Sighing, I opened the zip of my trolley bag. Reaching into it, I took out the white envelope. My name was written elegantly on the surface and I bit on my lower lip as my fingers twitched to rip it apart and read the letter.

I know I'd promised not to, but what could it possibly contain that Ethan made me swear not to read it until I got on the plane? That only made the suspense grow and I knew I coudn't take it anymore. Ripping apart the envelope, I reached inside and took out the small paper. It was a letter. My eyes read through it slowly, embedding each word into my heart. I couldn't believe it.

Dear Ada,

There are so many things I'd wished to tell you when you were by me that night, our last night together. But I couldn't, because I knew you would probably never have left if I had.

I love you with all my heart and soul; you know that. The promise I'd made to you to get you back to your father bound me from keeping you for myself. As selfish as I could have been, I wasn't. Because I knew you wouldn've been happier being back with your father. You told me yourself, you hated it here. The only reason you stayed was for me. And that's why I made you promise to read this letter only once you got on the plane.

Ada, the moment you entered my life, everything just felt so right. You made a big difference in it. I didn't know what love meant until you showed me, you gave that four letter word a meaning. Letting you go is so difficult because I don't want you to leave the life you've given me. You're all I ever have left and I-


I didn't read the rest. Instead, I stuffed the letter back into the envelope, stowing it away. The tears pricked the corners of my eyes; tears of anger, hurt and happiness. Standing up, I made my way back to the counter. I was getting out of here now. I'm guessing Dad would have to wait a little longer to see me again, because now I realize what I really do want.


Mom was completely taken by surprise when I called her. She couldn't believe that I'd ditched the plane but she knew why I'd done it. I asked her if she knew where Evan was and she replied with a, "I haven't seen him." Where might he have gone? I flagged down a cab and asked him to go to the school. But when I arrived there; I noticed that the school entrance gates were locked and there was no way Evan could have gotten inside.

I got back into the cab, confused. Where might he have gone? And then it struck me. Of course.

"Where to now?"

I grinned at the driver before giving him the address.


I entered the garden, eyes searching swiftly for Evan's familiar figure. I walked around the familiar shrubbery and didn't see him anywhere around. I could feel disappointment leak through but finally, just as I was about to turn around and explore elsewhere, my eyes landed on him. If it weren't for the sudden change in the direction of the sunlight, I wouldn't have seen him as his shadow was combined with that of the tree. He was lying down on the grass and staring at the sky, the expression on his face one of sorrow; the sorrow that would soon be gone when he saw me.

"Evan," I called lightly, approaching him from behind. He didn't hear me, his gaze and focus still fixed elsewhere. I called two more times, the second time more loudly. His head snapped in my direction as he turned around, eyes unbelieving.

"Ada?" His voice was full of doubt; as if he was just imagining me. I crouched down next to him, taking hold of his hand. "What are you doing here?"

"It's not fair you know," I whispered, looking into his confused orbs. "I can't just leave without it."

"Without what?" He asked.

"My heart. You stole it. But I want you to keep it, cause I'm not planning on going anywhere."

And before he could lecture me on what a big mistake I was doing, I closed the distance between us. But this time there was no urgency behind the kiss. Because this wouldn't be our last.

The End

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